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Professor Greg Whyte OBE

We are delighted to team up with Professor Greg Whyte OBE. A physical activity expert and world-renowned sports scientist, he is an Olympian in modern pentathlon and a European and World Championship medallist. Well-known for his involvement in Comic Relief, assisting various celebrities in challenge events, Greg recently supported Jo Brand on her 'Hell of a Walk' from Hull to Liverpool and Radio 1's Greg James on his 5 triathlons in 5 cities in 5 days. Greg is an expert in the field of sports and exercise science.

• Two-time Olympian

• Professor of Sport Science, Liverpool John Moores University

• Published over 200 peer reviewed papers and 8 books in the area of sport, exercise

science and medicine

• Performance Director, Centre for Health and Human Performance

• Helped to raise over £35 million for Comic Relief and Sport Relief

• Author of Amazon Bestseller: Achieve the Impossible

• Chair of UK Active Research Institute Scientific Advisory Board

• Principal investigator for WADA

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"As a sports scientist and former Olympian, I’m often asked for advice on how to achieve marginal gains. Getting the most out of your session takes more than just hard work. I was pleased to learn that Bullet & Bone addresses a gap in the market with a range of products specifically designed to optimise your preparation, your session and your recovery.”

“Each sports care product contains targeted, evidence-based properties that should assist with those all-important marginal gains.

The power base of three active natural ingredients across the range of maca extract, magnesium and jasmine – like any sporting ritual - are likely to be helpful for all levels of sportsmen.”

Winston Squire

Personal Trainer, Performance Coach for the English National Polo Team, BSc Sports Science and Psychology

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Winston Squire has over 21 years of experience as a fitness consultant, personal trainer and lecturer.

Winston is the performance coach for the English National Polo Team. He manages and motives individuals and teams to achieve their fitness goals. He has trained Jodie Kidd, Gordon Ramsey, Jason Atherton, Ozwald Boating, John Newman and Duncan James. Corporate clients include: Louis Vuitton, Reebok UK, Harrods and the Billy Elliott theatre company.

He develops bespoke training programmes based on his knowledge of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. Winston believes achieving optimum fitness is 60% mental motivation and 40% physical activity. In addition to being a brand ambassador for Bullet & Bone, he is the European master trainer for Keiser resistance equipment. On behalf of both, he conducts training programmes on maximizing performance for sports industry personnel, physiotherapists, the military and European sports teams.

“As a fitness and performance coach to national sports teams and individuals for over 20 years, I understand how marginal gains can be everything. Bullet & Bone is the first to offer skincare products that offer the benefits of OTC medicinal products to make being physically activity that bit easier while also being easy to apply and great smelling. 

“My clients love using the Activating Muscle Rub pre work-out to get the blood flowing to their muscles and joints and accelerate their warm-up time. The Vapour Release helps clear the airwaves and aids focus plus has the added benefit of smelling good – very welcome in the gym! 

“I’m impressed by how much effort has gone into harnessing evidence-based natural ingredients that will assist with preparation and performance. I also have no doubt that these products are helpful with the mental side of sport. Properties such as jasmine, menthol, coffee beans and rosemary will aid concentration during a work-out. Great tools and preparation also aid mental motivation – over half the battle in optimising fitness in my experience.

“Clients want a quick return and ending a work-out using Cooling Recovery Wash aids both muscle recovery and curtails post work-out perspiration - I’d say Bullet & Bone are essentials for your kit bag”.

Irish Rugby Football Union Charitable Trust

We are delighted to sponsors this fantastic charity that does incredible work supporting injured rugby players. We recently took part in their golf day at Powerscourt near Dublin to raise money for this important cause.

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